Restoran Ribič


Working hours:
Monday-Friday and Sunday 9 am – 11 pm
Saturday 9 am – 01 am

Wine card

We at Ribič Restaurant believe that we are here to provide You with a true experience of kerning food and wine. In our working spirit in which we have carefully crafted the wine list, we selected not only the best Croatian wines, but also the ones that fully complement the food we are preparing here for You. Cheers!


Veuve Clicquot Pansardin Brut /Reims/France/ 590 Kn

Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial /Epernay/France/ 690 Kn



Zdolc Graševina /dry/Croatia/ 150 Kn

Bolfan Pinot Sivi /dry/Croatia/ 170 Kn


RED 0,75L

Bolfan Pinot Noir /dry/Croatia/ 170 Kn

Boškinac C.Sauvignon&Merlot /dry/Croatia/ 390 Kn



Ribič Muškat Žuti /Croatia/ 100 Kn

Blueberry /Croatia/ 18 Kn

Honey /Croatia/ 18 Kn

Walnut /Croatia/ 18 Kn

Blackberry /Croatia/ 18 Kn

Cherry /Croatia/ 18 Kn

Prune /Croatia/ 18 Kn

Amaro /Croatia/ 15 Kn

Lavov /Croatia/ 15 Kn

Wormwood /Croatia/ 15 Kn

Pine /Croatia/ 18 Kn

Wormwood Antique /Croatia/ 18 Kn

Amaretto Disaronno /Italy/ 18 Kn

Aperol /Italy/ 18 Kn

Campari /Italy/ 18 Kn

Baileys Irish /Ireland/ 18 Kn

Baileys Hazelnut /Ireland/ 18 Kn

Jagermeister /Germany/ 18 Kn

Southern Comfort /US/ 18 Kn

Underberg 0,02l /Germany/ 25 Kn

Bianco /Italy/ 20 Kn

Gold Dolce&Gabbana /Italy/ 40 Kn

Draught 0,30L /Croatia/ 15 Kn

Draught 0,50L /Croatia/ 18 Kn

Ožujsko /Croatia/ 16 Kn

San Servolo /Croatia/ 25 Kn

Velebitsko Dark /Croatia/ 18 Kn

Karlovačko Radler /Croatia/ 16 Kn

Heineken /Netherland/ 18 Kn

Stella Artois /Belgium/ 18 Kn

Erdinger Wheat /Germany/ 25 Kn

Bavaria Non-alcoholic /Germany/ 16 Kn

Moet&Chandon Brut Imperial /Eperany/ 590 Kn

Veuve Clicquot Pansardin Brut /Reims/ 590 Kn

Gosset Brut Exellence /Ay/ 590 Kn

G.H. Mumm Brut /Reims/ 590 Kn

Moet&Chandon Rose Imperial /Eperany/ 690 Kn

Veuve Clicquot Rose /Eperany/ 690 Kn

Dom Perignon 2005 /Eperany/ 1990 Kn

Dom Perignon 1999 /Eperany/ 2490 Kn

Šember Rose /Croatia/ 250 Kn

Freixnet Carta Nevada /semi-seco/Spain/ 150 Kn

Freixnet Mia /sweet/Spain/ 150 Kn

Zonin Prosecco /brut/Italy/ 150 Kn

Zdolc Pinot Sivi /semi-dry/Pregrada/ 170 Kn

Bolfan Pinot Sivi /dry/Zlatar/ 170 Kn

Capo Pinot Sivi /dry/Western Istria/ 170 Kn

Zdolc Sauvignon /dry/Pregrada/ 150 Kn

Zdolc Graševina /dry/Pregrada/ 150 Kn

Adžić Graševina /dry/Kutjevo/ 170 Kn

Krauthaker Graševina Mitrovac /dry/Kutjevo/ 170 Kn

Kozlović Malvazija /dry/Istria/ 190 Kn

Kozlović Malvazija Santa Lucia /dry/Istria/ 250 Kn

Saint Hills Nevina /dry/Istria/ 290 Kn

Šipun Žlahtina /dry/Krk/ 170 Kn

P.Z. Čara Pošip /dry/Korčula/ 170 Kn

Korta Katarina Pošip /dry/Korčula/ 250 Kn

Stina Pošip /dry/Brač/ 250 Kn

Degrassi Terre Bianche /dry/Istria/ 170 Kn

Geržinić Teran Rose /dry/Istria / 150 Kn

Bolfan Pinot Noir /dry/Zlatar/ 170 Kn

Jasić Cuvee /dry/Baranja/ 170 Kn

Belje Merlot /dry/Baranja/ 170 Kn

Boškinac C. Sauvignon&Merlot /dry/Pag/ 390 Kn

Plenković Zlatan Plavac /dry/Hvar/ 210 Kn

Plenković Zlatan Plavac grand cru /dry/Hvar/ 290 Kn

Tomić Plavac /dry/Hvar/ 170 Kn

Duboković & Barbić Medvid /dry/Hvar/ 690 Kn

Korta Katarina Plavac /dry/Pelješac/ 390 Kn

P.Z. Dingač Dingač /dry/Pelješac/ 270 Kn

Saint Hills Dingač /dry/Pelješac/ 590 Kn

Rosemount Shariz Diamond /semi-dry/Australia/ 190 Kn

Rosemount Shariz Cabernet /semi-dry/Australia/ 170 Kn

Iločki Podrumi Traminac /Srijem/ 270 Kn

Election Vintage /Sveti Urban/ 100 Kn

Plum /Croatia/ 15 Kn

Herb /Croatia/ 15 Kn

Brandy /Croatia/ 15 Kn

Pear /Croatia/ 18 Kn

Pear Fructa /Slovenia/ 25 Kn

Jameson 12yr/Ireland/ 25 Kn

Jack Daniels /US/ 25 Kn

Jack Daniels Single Barel /US/ 35 Kn

Jack Daniels Silver Select /US/ 35 Kn

Four Roses /US/ 18 Kn

Jim Beam /US/ 18 Kn

Gentleman Jack /US/ 35 Kn

Bowmore Black Rock single malt/Scotland/ 30 Kn

Bruichladdich Organic single malt/Scotland/ 45 Kn

Old Pulteney 12yr/single malt/Scotland/ 30 Kn

Glenlivet 12yr/single malt/Scotland/ 30 Kn

Chivas Regal 12yr/Scotland/ 25 Kn

Chivas Regal 18yr/Scotland/ 40 Kn

Chivas Regal Royal Salute 21yr/Scotland/ 120 Kn

Johnnie Walker Red Label /Scotland/ 18 Kn

Johnnie Walker Black Label 12yr/Scotland/ 45 Kn

Famous Grouse /Scotland/ 18 Kn

Ballantines /Scotland/ 18 Kn

White Horse /Scotland/ 18 Kn

Bulldog /Great Britain/ 25 Kn

Tanqueray dry /Great Britain/ 25 Kn

Hendricks /Scotland/ 25 Kn

Stock 84 VSOP/Italy/ 15 Kn

Stock XO/Italy/ 18 Kn

Metaxa /Greece/ 18 Kn

Camus /VS/ 30 Kn

Camus /VSOP/ 45 Kn

Camus /XO/ 120 Kn

Courvoisier /VS/ 30 Kn

Courvoisier /VSOP/ 45 Kn

Courvoisier /XO/ 110 Kn

Frapin /VSOP/ 45 Kn

Frapin V.I.P. /XO/ 140 Kn

Hennessy /VS/ 30 Kn

Hennessy fine de cognac /VSOP/ 45 Kn

Hennessy /XO/ 130 Kn

Martell /VS/ 30 Kn

Martell /VSOP/ 45 Kn

Martell /XO/ 140 Kn

Remy Martin /VSOP/ 45 Kn

Remy Martin /XO/ 120 Kn

Bacardi /Cuba/ 18 Kn

Havana /Cuba/ 18 Kn

Ron Zacapa 23yr/Cuba/ 65 Kn

Ron Zacapa XO/Cuba/ 130 Kn

Jose Cuervo Reposado /Mexico/ 18 Kn

Patron Anejo /Mexico/ 45 Kn

Grey Goose /France/ 200 Kn

Belvedere /Poland/ 180 Kn

Absolute 100 /Sweden/ 25 Kn

Absolute Blue /Sweden/ 18 Kn

Beluga /Russia/ 45 Kn

Belvedere /Poland/ 30 Kn

Belvedere Intense /Poland/ 35 Kn

Blacky /Croatia/ 15 Kn

Crystal Head /Canada/ 40 Kn

Dalmatino /Croatia/ 15 Kn

Grey Goose /France/ 35 Kn

Grey Goose Ducasse /France/ 55 Kn

Smirnoff Black /Great Britain/ 35 Kn

Smirnoff Blue /Great Britain/ 25 Kn

Smirnoff Gold /Great Britain/ 25 Kn

Smirnoff Red /Great Britain/ 15 Kn